Some interesting Facts about The FIFA Women's World Cup from 1991 to 2023

part 2

The FIFA Women’s World Cup started in 1991,was held in Guangdong in China.

The logo shows two globes that showed all the continent’s shape of running women done in black and placed in front of the globes


USA was winner and Norway was runnerup

FIFA Women's World Cup held every four years and one year after the men's FIFA World Cup since 1991

 In 1995 “Women’s World Cup `95 held in Sweden”

the logo had created a half circle around the woman’s head in was the black and white football ball  in Centered right The precise dates of the incident were written in light blue directly beneath, somewhat off-center

Winner-Norway Runner-up-Germany

the tournament was held in several cities in the United States


Duffy Design created the symbol, which was a bright yellow rectangle with several border lines.


The event's global scope was symbolized by an abstract blue drawing of a lady sprinting with a ball and a thin circle. In a different square  in logo


Winner-USA Runner-up-China   PR

the tournament was hosted in usa



in logo  the graphic that resembled a trophy with a ball at the top decorated the logo to the right.

Winner-Germany Runner-up-Sweden


hosted by china

Logo  designe  with two hues of blue, the traditional FIFA colors


used spiral brushstrokes with a sun at the top to evoke Chinese calligraphy. The final section was created using gradients of yellow and orange that are typical of the sunrise or sunset.


Along the trophy-like helix that ran over. The tournament's year and host nation were indicated by the emblem. And it's trophy may be seen in the upper right corner of the logo.


winner-Germany runner uo-Brazil

2011 world cup held in  Germany


Logo had a stadium with a green field and spirals painted in the national colors of red, gold, and black to depict the seating area.


The name of the nation and the year were written in white, capital letters on a light blue background above the stadium. Germany


Winner-Japan Runner-up-USA

2015 world cup held in canada

In logo The background was a crimson gradient, and the focal point was a huge, vibrant maple leaf.


The first leaf, which was stylised to resemble thin red and orange leaves or feathers, was on the left.


The center leaf, which was on the right, had various blue gradients and resembled icy peaks or structures. The leaf to the extreme right included a blue river, a green field, and green mountain peaks.


The "A" in the "Canada 2015" inscription at the bottom continued horizontally into the center, styled as a leaping human figure..


Winner-United States. Runner-up-japan

2019 host by France

Logo features an abstract trophy with a golden football perched atop it.


The trophy is formed of a blue, red, and white ribbon that is swirling. The word "FIFA" is written in white writing.


The words "Women's World Cup" are written in light blue underneath the trophy, along with "France 2019" in larger font.


winner-USA runner up-Netherlands

Now this year “FIFA Women’s World Cup” happening Australia and New Zealand

they used a sizable, black rectangle as its base logo.the logo came out highly colourful, and the background's darkness let the colours pop even more.

The brightest and most striking component was positioned at the very top. It was a black and white football, and there were 32 different colored squares arranged in two by two lines around it.

They were intended to serve as a representation of the nations taking part in the competition.

The vivid hues demonstrate that each nation brings something distinctive to the table, and they are all brought by the same sport

The radial pattern is also characteristic of the indigenous cultures of the hosting countries, and they wanted to demonstrate to the world that they, too, have much to offer.

teem are participating

from  20 july  to 20 aug

now let's watch what happend