According to the National Hurricane Center, Tropical Storm Hilary, expected to bring heavy rain to elements of Mexico and the Southwestern United States this weekend.

On Wednesday, Hilary developed 470 miles off the Mexican coast of Manzanillo and was heading toward Baja California in the west-northwest.

A warm-core low-pressure system without a front that forms over tropical or subtropical waters and has a well-organized circulation is called a tropical cyclone. These include typhoons and hurricanes.

AIn late September 2011, Hurricane Hilary, a strong tropical storm, significantly flooded parts of southwest Mexico.

What is Cyclone?

The term "cyclone" is defined in meteorology as. a system of winds that rotates counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere

What is Cyclone?

and clockwise in the southern hemisphere, moving toward a region of low barometric pressure.

There are 4 types of cyclones 

 Tropical cyclone.

Polar cyclone.


Extratropical cyclones

the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) of WMO Members of a specific region,

How are cyclones named?

It becomes important to give a cyclone a distinctive name if its speed exceeds 34 nautical miles per hour. A storm is designated as a hurricane, cyclone, or typhoon if its speed reaches or exceeds 74 mph.